The debate

2004-10-27 - 12:08 p.m.


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I need to have a debate with my self. Notice I said my self not myself. Separate parts are having a meeting of the minds and I'm just the stenographer.....

All I want to do is eat. No. All I want to do is loose weight. I want to do a 10 day water fast. It's dangerous and there is no way you can last 10 days calorie free and function enough to do your job. Yes I can. No you can't. Well, that little ebook says I can. People do this all the time! You'll have to switch to protein shakes at the very minimum. People DIE doing this. But I researched it, the human body is made to starve. Yah... Its also made to die and feel sick and pass out and loose its job. I wont let it get to that. So you say. I'll be responsible. If you were responsible you wouldn't be doing this at all. But I HAVE to loose weight as FAST as I can!!!!! Why? Because I have NO jeans that fit. So... buy some. NO! Then I'll stay this way! And what makes you think you'll stay small this time? I'm not going down as far as last time. I'm going to stop almost 20lbs heavier then last time. I will maintain it. Yah right, heard that before. But I WILL this time. I WILL! I can do it if I really want to, and I do, I really DO! It's all I want! I CAN'T be this big ANY LONGER!!! THE SCALE MUST GO DOWN TOMORROW OR I'LL CUT SOMETHING OFF OR SOMETHING. Then I guess if your that determined you better not eat. Thats what I've been saying. See we agree. Sure.

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